Friday, November 14, 2008

Tents at Dawn

So here I am, awake long before dawn with my oldest boy, Caleb. We are upstairs so Luke can sleep in a little on his only real day off- thats right, it's Saturday- Caleb is begging for a "cool tent"
Soon I find myself sliding the couches together to make a huge bed. Caleb is a little surprised, and a LOT excited. We carefully drape a large blanket over the top of the couch and climb underneath, it's still dark outside and Caleb is bouncing around in the blankets diving in and out over the armrests. I, on the other hand, am sprawled across the longest couch, hoping Caleb might tire himself out soon and sleep. That hope lasted all of 3 and 1/2 minutes. Dawn is just breaking as Caleb and I find ourselves cuddled under our makeshift tent squinting to make out the words and pictures from a pile of books we have amassed in front of us. Caleb is whispering, "ball, doggie, birds, app-ee, oh, appLE, basket, fows (flowers)" I am so proud of his vast and quickly developing vocabulary. I smile and tell him good job... and nice whispering. Then I think to myself... I am the luckiest mom in the world.


The McCulloch Family said...

You are such a fun mom! What is it with kids wanting to build houses/tents/forts with blankets? Guess it's good they're using their imaginations though! I mean, who needs toys?? :-)
P.S. Do you care if I include those yummy recipes you had on your blog earlier for Mom Ditties?
P.P.S. When I pulled your blog up earlier, Kaylee looked at Caleb's picture and said "who's that?' so I told her and then she said "can I play with him Mommy?"

The McCulloch Family said...

Hey did you see you won the Baskin Robins gift certificate? Do they have one down there?

David, Katie and Jett said...

You are such a sweet mom! That picture is so adorable too! :)