Saturday, November 1, 2008

lazy day

Spent today with my 3 favorite guys. After trick-or-treating last night, the kids were exhausted! We enjoyed a wonderful morning of sleeping in. Then car repairs, some service activities, and "dream-shopping" at Lowes. This is where Luke and I decorated our imaginary house with gorgeous items we will probably never really buy. Last night Caleb learned all about the joy of knocking on doors to get freebies.

Caleb's guidebook to success:
  1. Approach door of stranger, knock.
  2. Hold out hand in anticipation.
  3. Growl for effect (he was, after all, a dragon)
  4. Sweetly say "trick-treat" then stand there in glorified cuteness
  5. "Tenk you!" then, "here mommy!" then...
  6. Run, not walk, to the next house
Now to teach him that these rules apply only one night out of the year.

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