Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My darling sweetheart. You are the very sunshine of my day, a bright star in my universe. Your brilliant smile lights any room you're in. The joy you find in life and in your family is inspiring. You love tender tones and the sound of your family's laughter.You truly are a peacemaker. How sweet it is to hear your joyful squeals bouncing through the house. Your favorite things are playing with your big brother Caleb, cuddling, and bouncing. You give the most slobbery and sweet kisses in the world. You are so smart and animated! Your sweet face already knows a million expressions. You are very talkative and you love being the center of attention. You have so much energy and keep me busy with your constant exploring. Your delighted giggle at "finding" Caleb when he hides is adorable. You love to watch mommy and daddy do funny things. You especially like to see mommy dancing and singing silly songs in the kitchen. When playing outside mom and dad spend the majority of our time pulling leaves and sticks from your mouth as you soooo love to explore your sense of taste! I have found so much joy in watching you learn and grow, your determination is incredible. You already show a great interest in books, music, and being outdoors. What a wonderful blessing it is for me to be your mommy!

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michelle said...

oh my goodness!!! i can't believe how big he is!!!!! looks like you guys are doing great and the boys are to cute!