Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Special Moments

10. Holding hands with Luke everywhere we go

9. Kneeling with my family, listening to Caleb pray for each of us by name.

8. Cuddling in bed with Caleb while Josiah slept in

7. Listening to Caleb yell, "where are you moon?" to a dark sky

6. Josiah's breath on my cheek as I cuddled him close during a late night feeding

5. The re-arrival of my birthday gift from Luke, a beautiful dark gray pearl necklace and earrings. (clasp was being repaired)

4. "Please help mommy" ringing out from across the living room. Caleb got stuck while trying to climb the bookshelf. Uh-oh

3. Josiah nestling his cute slobbery face into my cheek. He LOVES to cuddle!

2. Luke and Caleb playing guitar together on the couch

1. Laying in bed whispering with Luke, dreaming of our upcoming cruise

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